Production ServIces on the French Riviera

...and across the South of France!


Based in Nice, Mimosa Production Services caters for the needs of all forms of media production project; film, TV, advertising, stills, reportage, editorial, drone, . The South of France and Monaco is our specialist area, but we are able to extend our services nationwide and across Europe, so if you are coming to the South of France and you need someone on the ground to make things happen, get in touch with us for a quote!

Production Management

From conception, to completion, our experienced Production Managers and Location Managers are there to make your project a We assist you from the word go, providing consulting and management services relating to the planning, budgeting and all other aspects of your project.

Location Scouting

We have intimate knowledge of the South of France and an extensive location dossier region and we'll get you access to the best locations for your needs.

Fixing & Access

If you just need a fixer, to help your team around and to make sure that everything goes smoothly, then we have you covered. We also deal with permits and all French administrative work relating to your project.

& Casting

If you need to build your team locally, we can provide all the personnel you might need - from experienced Production and Location Managers, to the most skilled technicians and tale

& Logistics

We can arrange transport and accommodation for you and your team, as well as storage and security for your equipment.

Equipment Hire

Through our nationwide network of specialist suppliers, we can procure all manner of equipment; from film, sound and lighting equipment, to basic props and rare objects.

Vehicle Hire

We can provide technical vehicles for your crew and equipment, as well as any other specialist vehicles you may require ; classic cars, luxury cars, off-road vehicles, etc.


We can provide for your catering needs, whether it entails providing meals for your cast and crew on shoot, or organising formal meals in exclusive settings.

Event Management

If you need to organise a special event; be it a corporate event, a social event, or participation in a festival, or any other type of larger, organised event - we can be of assistance.

About Us

The Founder

Mimosa Production Services was founded by Edward Jenkins, in 2019.

Originally from Wales, Edward moved to France in 2005, where he initially worked in Paris, in the fields of translation, film distribution, app development and as a digital localisation consultant for global brands. After relocating to Nice in 2013, in order to pursue new business interests, Edward also soon began doing regular fixing work for the BBC and S4C, becoming a part of on the BBC worldwide fixer database. 

In 2019, after several years in Nice and having become a well-established business owner on the French Riviera, Edward, armed with diverse expertise and wide-ranging contacts, decided to capitalise on demand for his services as a Fixer and Location Producer, by launching Mimosa Production Services.

Edward will be your main point of contact when you work with Mimosa Production Services. He is an excellent communicator, speaking English, French, Russian, Italian and Welsh, and has an ingrained sensibility for working in challenging, diverse and multilingual environments.

Our Mission Statement

“We are dependable, dynamic and fast-thinking collaborators. We hold ourselves to impeccable professional standards, and are able to scale our service package, ensuring that we match the needs and ambitions of our clients.”

Our Clients